Monday, January 01, 2007

I haven't touched my computer for 3 whole days!

Maybe tomorrow my life will return to its routine and I'll be able to do a proper post? I hope so. We've been working, putting away Christmas gifts, trying to put up the new shed, visiting and partying. Oh, and wiping the dog's feet everytime she comes in -- with the landscape in disarray and several days of rain, its a mucky, muddy mess out there. At least we all get to wear our Wellies!

Note to self: even if the children stay up 3 hours past their bedtime, they will only sleep in 10 minutes! Argh!


Joey said...

The phenomenon of children and bed times still amazes me, too. On New Year's Eve, Faith stayed up until 2am non-stop (and she hadn't had a nap that day). Cole stayed up til just past midnight. Both of them were up by 8:15. They normally get up around 7:15-7:30, so that was an improvement. But by the laws of math, Faith should have slept in until noon to get her usual 10 hours in. Happy New Year!

EdamameMommy said...

My kids got into all the special circumstances around the holidays, so now they are convinced that every night they should get to stay up late, or even watch (dun da dun dun) Mary Poppins during dinner. Oh no, the routine is right around the corner. Classes and order resume tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Richard Brooks said...

Hi, Jenn!

We are not receiving the pictures with your blog -- must be a Comcast thing. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the kids at Christmas and New Year's Day!

Happy New Year!

It has been a somber week for us this past seven days.... We donated all of Sierra's worldly goods to the animal shelter at the top of the hill -- a full pick-up load. Love, UncleBuck