Monday, January 15, 2007

Ice Day

It is cold here in central Texas! We don't usually get snow, but everything is iced over. My children, both of whom have never seen real snow in their short lives, looked outside and said it was snow, could they please make a snowman? I told them it was just ice, but they could go out and play. So the three of them (Anna, Colin, and Francesca the dog) went out and ran around in the winter wonderland. Colin was back in before I could snap a photo.

Anna (with Pooh Bear!) and Francesca. Anna was disappointed the "pond" did not freeze enough for us to be able to skate on it!

Hopefully our winter garden will do alright. Here is the iced broccoli.

Of course the best part about playing outside in winter is coming in for the hot chocolate.

We'll see if school is cancelled tomorrow. It rained a lot this afternoon, and its supposed to drop into the upper 20s tonight. All my surgeries that I was supposed to do tomorrow were rescheduled, so I definitely have a "snow day!"

I also got this touching photograph from my extended family in Seattle. Their beautiful dog, Sierra, passed away 2 weeks ago from cancer. This family's life revolved around their wonderful dog, and she basked in their admiration. The photo of this little memorial to her, with several cards of condolence, brought tears to my eyes.

Sierra remembered.


Anonymous said...

Love this post!
Love, Nana

Leah said...

I am still sad over your last entry.

Heather said...

I visit I'm a pet lover and find your blog humorous. Sorry to hear about your little friend...I hope your daughter handled it okay, as much as any little one can.

Here is my baby...

A.Norma said...

Lovely pictures,Jenn. you really captured the 'snow time' and Anna sipping her hot chocolate. xx

Emily said...

I am still sad over Vino, too, and about Sierra.
Glad the kids enjoyed the cold winter weather!

EdamameMommy said...

Lo! Is that the edge of the new patio I spy in the first pic?

angie said...

That cup of hot chocolate is bigger than her head! Yummm. Indeed, that's the best part about coming in from the cold.