Sunday, January 07, 2007

I took down the Christmas decorations today.

It's the new year, so back to the old template. I'd like to get a new one, heck, I'd like to design a new one, but I don't seem to have the time to get around to posting, let alone learn more of this html business. So far I am resisting the beta blogger. I had so many problems posting comments on others' blogs that went beta. Having a bunch of new subjects in which to file my posts doesn't seem like enough motivation. Am I just being a stick in the mud? What do you say, beta bloggers?

Our holidays were great, but they have left me feeling a little frayed. I feel like I am taking life in big gulps, like eating a great meal too quickly without even tasting it. Actually, I have been eating like that a few times lately, which apparently French women never do, and that is why they stay thin while we Americans get fat.

We continue to enjoy our new patio, although it has been too chilly even here in Texas to dine out on it. The work on the landscape progresses. Last week Anthony built a beautiful new wooden shed. The instructions said it would take 3-8 hours to complete. Maybe with a crew of experienced builders! 3 hours...3 days... what's the difference? Then he had to shingle the roof. Now we are working on painting it. The kids "helped" me today putting the primer on. Anthony figured they could just slap it on all over, as it's not very technique sensitive. They did, and had lots of fun getting paint all over themselves and in a one foot swatch about their eye level. I appreciated the company as much as the help.

I am so jealous that Kareen and Leah went biking on Saturday while I was working! They have both decided to join me in this year's Danskin Triathlon, and I am so proud of them and excited to have a "team." Emily says she is going to do it, too, so we will all be fit by the time summer comes along. Anyone else care to join us? (women who will be 40 weeks pregnant by the time of the race are of course exempt.)


Awesome Mom said...

If you switch to beta you can customize the colors on your blog with out knowing HTML.

Emily said...

I'm resisting the beta, too. "Beta" means they are still working out the kinks.

Can't wait to see the new patio and shed. Picture, maybe?

Lisa said...

I like the beta. Customizing your blog is way easier, and I have fun with the labels. But don't feel pressured. Of course, it is a pain for me (a betamite) to comment on your old skool blog.

EdamameMommy said...

Oh please don't wish me to go to 40 weeks. Let's do the math: At 34 1/2 weeks I gave birth to two babies and two placentas, with a combined weight of 10 lbs of baby and who-knows-how-much-double-back-to-back-placentas. Ouch! I don't want a >10 lb-er head coming out of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!