Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Chugga chugga

Colin's favorite present this year was a large set of quality wooden train tracks he got from Nana and Grandad, to augment the small amount he previously had. Add to that some hand-me-downs from cousin Andrew and you can build some serious tracks.

This photo was taken after the kids went to bed, so Francesca is posing for me)
Today while Anna was on a playdate, I took Colin to buy him a Thomas engine (he has a Percy but not a proper Thomas). Anthony met us, and also bought another set of 21 track pieces ("I need more straight ones!") and his own battery operated engine. For himself. Colin starts playing trains as soon as he comes home, and Anthony soon joins in. Who loves trains more?....

Here are some near-misses from our Christmas card photo session that I could not resist:


Can't you hear it?

Here is an image of Colin imitating the guys laying concrete. I know, I know, I haven't posted an image of the patio yet, which we still love, but it has muddy puppy prints all over it and doesn't look so photogenic in the wintry, half-torn up landscape. But I love it, and will try to show it to you soon.


Awesomer Mom said...

My son loves his train too. We have ours screwed into the top of the train table since he is a bit young to get the whole concept of building your own track thing.

Dad said...

I CAN hear the giggles on those 'didn't quite make it' Christmas card possibles. Glad the train tracks hit the spot.

After the above, I made several comments about Francesca......but none of them came across sympaticamente so I scratched 'em.

She looks lovely.

A.Norma said...

....and yet MORE lovely pictures of nice-looking kids looking happy...:o) xx

paula said...

Really great train tracks. Lovely photos, it's so wonderful to see how much they love each others company, they are real gigglers.

Jess said...

I love the pictures of the kids!!! They look so adorable! Francesca does look lovely! What an awesome train track! I bet Colin loves playing with those!!!


transplantedtxn said...

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Emily said...

I think those train tracks are fun, too. I enjoyed playing with Graham's at Christmas.

I LOVE the picture of them giggling, looking at each other. That's my fav.

Lisa said...

I really like those giggley photos. Such sweet children.