Friday, December 01, 2006

I don't have to post, but I will anyway!

The electrocuted puppy came back from the emergency clinic this morning, looking much better. We slowly weaned him off of oxygen, and then I sent him home. His sweet owners brought me a card and chocolates for everyone, but mostly I was glad to see the happy looks on their faces when I sent him home.

Little Mack, feeling much better!



chickenflicken said...

I am wilting away from the cuteness. Seriously.

A.Norma said...


Dad said...

It was a terrific November -looking fwd to an entry EVERY day.

Wow, well done.

Anonymous said...

Random (and out-of-order) comment:

You wrote about the Sacajawea dollars several posts back. You get those in change if you buy stamps at the vending machine in the post office. So, if you haven't got your Christmas stamps yet, think about buying the 4 Snowflakes booklet from the machine. Use a $20 and you'll be stocked up in stamps -and- toothfairy loot!

And! Soon they'll be making a series of dollar coins with the faces of each president in turn, in part because the 50 state quarters have been so popular. It'll be the same size as the Sacajawea dollar, but edge-lettered like the current pound coins are.

The first ones of those will be out this January.

Leah said...

This is another reason that I love my job. I love these happy endings. You did a great job pulling this little guy through this ordeal. I knew he was going to be fine that first day. When I was talking to his owner on the phone and I held the phone down so she could hear him and he kissed my nose. I knew he was on the road to recovery. GREAT JOB!!!!