Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Funny Penis Stories

We all know that penises are funny body parts, right? Preschoolers especially understand that! Here are 3 short stories regarding penises and children I know. One of the stories comes from my son, but I'll leave them all anonymous to protect the innocent.

1. Son: Mommy, you have a circle penis.
Mommy: OK... what kind of penis do you have?
Son: I have a rectangle penis.

2. Daughter, curling up to her dad in bed: Daddy, where is your penis?
Daddy: Uh, in my shorts. Why?
Daughter: You don't take it off at night?

3. Son: Mommy, there is a hole in your Pee-Pee.
Mommy: Yes, you have a hole, too. See?
Son: Yeah, Mommy, but your hole is bigger.

Make sure you read the comments to this post to read another hilarious story...


EdamameMommy said...

Even though we've discussed these quips before, I'm still tearing up with laughter.

paula said...

Luke: "Mummy, what has happened to your wee wee?"
Me: "Nothing darling, girls are different to boys"
Luke: Awwww, it's all furry, can I stroke it?"
Me: "No!! some things are private"
Luke: "I'm upset now, I'm going"
Me: "Please shut the toilet door"

(We were in the Supermarket toilets).

chickenflicken said...

Oh, I wish I'd been in that restroom to overhear that, Paula.

I remember my son pointing out that I didn't have a weiner, either. I said something along the lines of girls don't have what boys have, and my son said, "Eww, yeah, you have HAIR!"

Jennifer said...

Paula, that totally beats all my stories. Anthony and I are rolling on the floor, wiping our eyes, clutching our stomach muscles with laughter!!!

paula said...

Glad to hear you people can get some enjoyment out of my pain XXX

A.Norma said...

hahahahahahaahahaha Paula!! you should be on the Stage...all genuine stuff hahahahaa xx

Sanjay said...

Paula that totally beats all my stories Anthony and I are rolling on the floor,