Sunday, December 03, 2006

December musings

Did you miss me yesterday? I took a day off of blogging! Whew! NaBloPoMo was good but tough. I thought it might help my writing skills, but without criticism from a professional editor or writing professor, I don't think I improved much (please do not read this as a request for unsolicited criticism, but thanks anyway!). I did help get the writing juices flowing more quickly, which I guess was the point ("...the hope is that the act of putting something of yourself out for the world to see every single day will make writing become a more fluid, natural, and integral part of your day." per M. Kennedy). I would stare at the screen, thinking I had nothing to say, then once I started on a subject the words started flowing out of me, and pretty soon I had many paragraphs. I guess I lean more towards Dickens than Hemingway. Often I went back to delete some such silliness as "I don't have much to say tonight..." in the first paragraph. Anyway, I guess Mission Accomplished.

We are enjoying the sudden blast of cold weather here in Central Texas. The week after Thanksgiving temps were in the muggy 80s. Then we got this nice cold snap that makes getting in the Christmas spirit so much easier. The basil is definitely dead (RIP).

I went jogging with the dog today, and actually wore long pants and a long sleeved T-shirt! Francesca needs the exercise. Being a herding dog, she is full of energy, and ever watchful to changes in the environment. As we jogged by a large plastic Nativity scene in one yard, she was definitely wary. Seems Francesca is afraid of Baby Jesus!


Kelley said...

I know it was hard work, but we all enjoyed reading a new post everyday! :)

LOL @ "I guess she's afraid of baby Jesus!"

A.Norma said...

Oooo I doubt THAT, you know Dogs are very clever and have acute hearing..who knows what the Baby Jesus was saying to her...:o)

ColeBugsmommy said...

I'll miss reading your blog every day. You were so busy last month I can't believe you blogged every night. You deserve a break....just don't take too long of a break.

Leah said...

Even when I didn't have anything to say at least I had your blog to read when I got home. Take a break and like Colebugsmommy said...just not too long. Keep on healing those little creatures.