Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A guest post by Anna (with editorial flourishes by mom)

I was invited to a fancy ladies' Christmas Tea in Houston. It was a lot of fun, but I still don't know why my brother couldn't come. Here's my day:

First, ladies have to spend a lot of time getting ready. I got my hair done by Auntie Stephanie, and some make-up by Auntie Emily.

After I was ready, there was still a lot of primping going on. I was bored! I wanted to go to the tea party. Beverly kept me entertained until my limo came.

I couldn't wait to go on my first limo ride!

Finally, all my posse was ready to go! We drove to downtown Houston. The tea was in a fancy room with no windows and pictures of horses. There was a man playing piano and a lady singing arias. Then they started bringing food. I liked trying all the little finger foods, but I didn't like some of the cheeses. I nearly coughed the smoked salmon up all over my beautiful dress, but I held it back until my mom could get a napkin to spit it into.

I did drink some tea but I really liked this fancy drink:

Especially the cherry on top! Then they brought out a lot of desserts! Yum!

I especially liked the chocolate covered strawberries. I showed Aunt Cinda how to eat them. I had seven of them!

It was a lot of fun, but I thought there would be dancing. Instead, we went home and I had a soak in the tub with my cousins, then enjoyed Beverly reading The Polar Express. It was a great day.

Cousinly love.


EdamameMommy said...

Ha ha I love the story from this perspective. Anna was such a big girl at the tea. Given that the median age of ladies attending (whole event, not my spry group) was probably somewhere north of 40, she was quite a little star. Wonder what Hedy put in those virgin cocktails?

Emily said...

That's a great synopsis! She was quite a little lady, and I enjoyed seeing her.

A.Norma said...

Well done,Anna...I enjoyed reading that...thank you. A.Norma.xx

paula said...

Awww Anna you looked beautiful, glad you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for telling us all about it.


What a great view point. Yes, I know all the primping was trying on Anna..she was sooo ready to jump in the limo. I actually gave her the "go ahead" to be the first one in- but forgot about the group photo. Bummed, she scampered back out. =) I was so impressed with her MAGNIFICANT behavior. Although, I missed the spitting salmon episode, her consumption of strawberries was unreal.

So glad you both were able to come, Jenn and Anna, I can't wait until PK can join our posse in a few years...


P.S. I love the last picture. The lil guys were so sweet snuggling up to me. There's just NOTHING better than warm,clean,and happy kiddos.

Joey said...

Jen, I love the new festive look of your blog! Where did you find it?? Faith & I love to have tea parties at the house. She wears a dress (I don't exactly dress up) and we drink juice accompanied by animal crackers using her special tea set from Nana. It would be so fun to get our girls (and some other girls) together for a real tea party here in Austin. I've actually never been to a real tea party. My life lacks refinement at times:)

Jennifer said...

Joey, I got the blog template last year by googling "free christmas blog templates." There are credits at the bottom right margin but I don't think they work. I you'd like this one I can email you the text.

A little girls' tea sounds fun! I have heard they have holiday teas at the 4 Seasons, but our little girls might do better with a less formal venue.

Lisa said...

That last picture is so sweet!