Monday, April 10, 2006

To the Gills

I'm feeling pretty stuffed tonight, since I made Tofu Lettuce Wraps for dinner (my family loves them some fermented soybean curd!) and we all pigged out! I served the kids noodles with their tofu on the side, but even Anna wanted to try the romaine lettuce, masquerading as a tortilla. We were all surprised and delighted that she liked it.

But what really sent me over the edge of gastric capacity was this, which was easy to make and LOVED by all.



Aunty Norma said...

Good grief,Jenn!!! did you eat it all up? crikey that is a calorie meal and a half..still as long as you all enjoyed it mmmm :o) xx

Emily said...

Yeah, Jenn exercises so much she doesn't have to worry as much about calories, A. Norma!

Looks delicious, Jenn. We've missed your postings.

Jess said...

Oh my that look delicious! Yum! :)

paula said...

Oh Jenn, that looks totally scrumptious. I feel I need to work out after just reading the recipe.

Bevie said...

Your kids have such a wide variety of food they like...I can't believe Anna enjoyed the lettuce wrap as much as she did! That's terrific! =)

Mmmmmm. And, that link looks divine!