Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

We had a busy Easter. It seemed like we celebrated forever, maybe because it was so late this year. Last weekend the kids went to 2 egg hunts, and then Colin had one at school. This weekend, we went to a great birthday party that also had an egg hunt.

He can't be my son. He's eating celery. Other than that, the party food was fantastic. I knew I could count on my friend Lisa to serve delicious and healthy food at a lunchtime party.

Birthday girl, Lyra, about to blow out the candles.


Lots of children, hunting lots of eggs. Its great when there are so many eggs that the hunt lasts a long time. Also the weather was sunny and dry, and all the kids looked so nice in their springy clothes.

Anna got a LOT of eggs. I felt a little guilty at the end when I saw her haul. Maybe I should have monitored the situation more closely. However, it did seem that everyone got plenty of eggs.... and Anna got a TON!

Anna, Colin, and me opening the eggs under the shady oak. Anna was really enthusiastic about her loot. "A squishy lizard! Tattoos! Kitty cat stickers!" she hollered. "A green necklace! My favorite color - what a wonderful day!!!!" Where does she come up with this stuff?

Today I cooked a leg o' lamb on the grill, as well as asparagus and potatoes with herbs in papillote. Okay, I enjoy the lamb way more than the rest of my family, but it seems much more appropriate to me than ham. Isn't ham what they cured and ate in the dead of winter, then when there were lots of new baby lambs in the spring, they ate one of them? So why do we eat ham at Easter? Maybe it was to empty out the larder. Anyway, we dined well then ate chocolate.

Colin shows off his Easter bunny. The bunny's eye fell off and Colin stuck it back on, giving the bunny serious strabismus! Also note the stye on poor Colin's right eye, which I'm hoping resolves itself tomorrow. If not, don't worry, I'll take him into his pediatrician, since I do believe in Western medicine.

Biting the bunny's ears off.

Colin shares his chocolate bunny with Daddio.

Anna and her chocolate bunny. She actually said, "Mommy, can we eat a piece of the bunny every day until its gone?" I told her yes, then let her consume the whole thing in one go.


Dad said...

Happy Easter. We had leg of lamb also.
And chocolate as a finisher.
Looks like a great egg hunt.

Aunty Norma said...

We broke the Egg and cooked the Chicken! :o) Happy Easter! lovely pics as usual..

EdamameMommy said...

Looks so happy. I can't imagine actually eating an entire chocolate bunny. ooof.

Our kids did a VERY RARE double meltdown at Hugo's [grrrrrr] But then rallied for dinner by the pool with the neighbors. Laughing at your meat assessment -- thanks to the buffet lunch and grill dinner I ate lamb, chicken AND steak all in one day! I AM THE LARDER.

Bevie said...

What great pictures! Jenn, you look terrific!

Glad you all had a fun and happy Easter!


Emily said...

Looks like fun!

Anthony said...

OH MY GOD!!!!! I can't believe you put that picture of me on your blog!

Just for the record, I had just come in from being outside (all day) in our rediculously record setting heat. We broke (or should I say shattered) high temperature records yesterday. It was officially 95! Other areas near by reached 100.

paula said...

Hope you had a very happy easter, great pics and it was especially nice to see a pic of "daddio", hardly ever get to see him!!! XXX

Aunty Norma said... look great on your picture...don't be shy :o)xx

Library Lady said...

We went out with family, so we had the lamb LAST weekend and I'm saving a ham for later!

My girls love lamb, but they love the leftovers as shepherd's pie even better.

She ate the WHOLE bunny? Man, I'm a chocoholic but I don't think I could eat one of those at one go...