Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Grammar nerds

Anna says, "Mommy, please pass me a napkin. I need one really badly."

I pass the napkin, and Anthony and I smile. Our daughter has good manners and uses her adverbs correctly.


EdamameMommy said...

Oh, she's a smart one and a good girl, which is helpful in setting the tone for all the cousins! I was just thinking of her "So this is a hammer, you ham with it?" comments from her toddlerhood today because Graham tried to make the verb form of using chalk -- he said "Paige you chocolate over here!"

Emily said...

I remember that one, Steph! Anna would say "Ham, ham, ham" as she hit the hammer on something. So cute.

I like the "chocolate" too!

Glad Anna is speaking so well, but I do miss her ingenious creations.


What a smart girl! What other five year olds know how to speak so nicely!?!

Way to go, miss Anna Pooh!

Love ya so much!!!!!!!!