Monday, April 03, 2006

Party Pictures

Hold on to your hat, partners, because there's a whole mess of pictures in this here post! Click on any of them to get a better view.

The Cowboy/Cowgirl party was great fun, especially for the birthday girl:

The Pony Ride Lady arrived early to set up. She'd promised 2 ponies, but brought FOUR! Here's Anna, checking them out. My sweet sister Emily and her boyfriend got "roped" into walking kids on ponies for over an hour. That poor guy didn't know what he was getting into! No, really, they were very kind and enthusiastic. Not all the kids wanted to ride a pony, but most did -- especially Anna! She rode a lot!

Anna rides!

Anna waves to her party people.

Here's Auntie Emily leading our cousin Henley on a ride. They were both all gussied up!

We also played a game called, "There's a Snake in My Boot!" Basically the children dropped a very realistic looking anaconda into an old boot. Once it got in, I gave them a gold (chocolate) coin.

Ruby demonstrates her technique, and Quentin admires his hard-won gold, while pony rides continue in the background. I was amazed how all the children wanted a turn at this non-competitive game.

Meanwhile, Anna enjoyed another trail ride with Grandad.

Party planning is a lot of work, but I never have to worry about the cake. Anthony made the beautiful flower cake on the left, and my MIL Marion made the cute Western shirt on the right.

In this photo, everyone is happily eating cake. Moments before, it was a feeding frenzy of small children, all shouting at us, "I want chocolate cake! I want white cake! I want chocolate!" at the tops of their little voices. We couldn't serve cake fast enough -- nothing motivates like sugar. Colin is at the bottom left. He had a great time at the party, but was totally uninterested in the horses or the games. He got Nana to give him lots of pushes in the swing.

Lil cowpokes heading for a potty break.

Yes, a good time was had by all. They even got me on a horse. I look enormous on this tiny appaloosa! I was "racing" Anna, but she (of course) won.

Happy Trails To You!


EdamameMommy said...

So cute. Yeah! And how did you find such picturesque little ponies? Both cakes look so flawless. Now I'm pining for some cake, too. Chocolate. I want white. No, chocolate!

Aunty Norma said...

Oooooo I did enjoy looking at those pictures, really captured the party atmosphere. Great! xxx

Bevie said...

That looked like a great party! Yes, the ponies all look so pretty- especially the white one Anna was riding! =)


paula said...

What a fabulous set of pics Jenn, the children really look like they are having a fantastic time. XX

Library Lady said...

I hope my girls NEVER read your blog, because if they do they will know what a deprived childhood they are getting!

Happy, happy, birthday to Anna!

Anonymous said...

this looks like great fun...i'm so happy that Anna and Colin had such a good time...i wish you could hear all the heartfelt "cool" things jessica says about your children...whether you know it or not, you and your children are so lucky to have someone who genuinely loves your children to watch over them from time to warms my heart to hear your talk about your children...someting deep within me tells me i've done ok....

on another note...thank you and anthony for all the love and support you show jessica everyday in her studies at UT...i can't thank you enough for the kind words of support you both so often give helps tremendously to have outsiders who she loves and respects to supplement my support..thank you!