Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Play it again, Sam

When Anna was 2 1/2, she became an Avril Lavigne fan. (Although I think it makes perfect sense for a preschooler to like a teen pop star, don't ask what her parents were doing with Avril's CD in their car!) Anyway, we were charmed when out of her mouth came the lilting lyrics of "I'm With You," without prompting -- especially since "its a damn cold night" became "its a dan coll nigh...". Soon she was identifying every track on the CD from the first few bars, and vehemently requesting her faves from the car seat.

Fast forward 2 years. Same song, second verse:

Colin loves Green Day. The 3-chord head bangers have put out a decent new CD. "I wan' Bubbebard Boken Dreams!" Colin shouts from the back seat. He knows all the words, in his garbled toddler speak. Unlike articulate Anna, he always sounds like English is not his first language, and I love the way he talks. No articles and few verbs, just the important stuff -- kind of the way I speak Italian!

If we are in the Prius (the car without the Green Day CD) he is fortunately content with my acappella version of it, and he gamely chimes along, even singing the "Ah-ah, ah-ah, aaaaahh-ah," wordless part.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams is definitely his all time favorite cut, but he will tolerate "the drums song" that follows it (We are the waiting). He also quickly recognizes and likes "Holiday," (a great anti-war rant to jog to) and "Novocaine," (Take away the sensation inside/Bittersweet migraine in my head/Its like a throbbing toothache of the mind.../This sensation's overwhelming.../Give me novocaine!). Sounds like me in labor with him, asking for the epidural.

Today we were running errands, and each time we got back in the car he requested Track 4. On the way to pick up Anna, I told him that since we had listened to it FOUR TIMES, we were going to listen to Fresh Air now, alright?

"Uh, Okay, Mommy." He said. Then, "Mommy, can you turn up the music, please?"

My mom told me once that a toddler's personality mirrors their future teenage personality. For my kids, at least musically, we know what's in store.


Grandad said...

I really got to like Avril because I heard Anna singing 'why d'ya have to make everything so complicated'
I just listened to Bvd of Broken Dreams and I don't think Colin will be able to convince me..............

Leigh-Ann said...

The nice thing about Avril is that she's really tidied up nicely and isn't so into "grunge" anymore, so if Anna is eventually influenced by clothing trends, she'll be very stylish and not wearing baggy military fatigues. It's a start.

Btw, I think my favourite musical artist is Liz Phair, and it's probably good that your kids don't repeat her lyrics. Even I'm too embarrassed to repeat her lyrics.

cousin to these rockin' kids! said...

Ah, how well I remember when Anna was in her Avril "craze"...! I would brag to all my friends how my two year old cousin knew ALL the words to- I'm With You- Everyone would look at me with wide-eyes- it was GREAT! =)I'll never forget her chiming out the words so confidently from her car seat only two and a half years ago....

Doesn't surprise me that Colin is totally into the music thing, as well. Maybe it has something to do with the age of two? hhmmm.

Well, rock on, kiddos!!!


Daisy said...

Oh, is THAT who sings Boulevard of Broken Dreams? I picked up my kids and two others the other day, and they started singing it (must have heard it in my neighbor's car) and I had NO CLUE. But it's hip to be square, right?

Emily said...

I introduced the family to Avril, thank you very much. I have both her CDs.

Thanks for posting something new. I've been craving some of your stories.

ColeBugsmommy said...

Cole loves, Marc Broussard "Home". He smiles, as soon as he hears the first note. He calls it the "Water Scott" song, because one of the lyrics is "Waters, got". I pray for short trips because we listen to it over and over. Just in case you are wondering it's exactly two and half "Water Scott" songs from home to daycare...not that I've timed it :-)

Jess said...

Colin and Anna have great music least if they were college students they would fit in just great! Especially Colin! Green Day is very popular here and Boulevard of Broken Dreams is definitely one of my favorites! :)