Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A funny dream and a funny name

When Anna was a baby, I often wondered what her dreams were like. When she started talking, I tried asking her, but "stories that your mind makes up when you are sleeping," is hard for toddlers to conceptualize.

This morning when I went to wake her up, she was sitting up in bed with tousled hair and an anxious expression. "Mommy, I had a bad dream." I held her close to comfort her, and she was all sleepy-warm. "There was a snake and it was chasing me and Daddy around the house." I'm afraid she has inherited a snake fear from her Oma. "There was one happy part, though; Daddy put fire on it and killed the snake. He put it in the compost pile and it couldn't hurt us anymore because of the fire."

Colin has taken to calling me by a shortened name repeated numerous times when he wants to tell me something. Instead of Mommy he says, "Mah-ee," or "Mai" (rhymes with Thai) if he gets going really fast. As in, "Mah-ee, Mah-ee....Mai Mai Mai, look at me!" "Mai Mai Mai, its a big truck! An, an, and a trainT!!!!"


Grandad said...

Like Colin, Emily used to speak in her own tongue too with made up words.
It is neat to be able to communicate with them using their words.......
Colin must have his own language 'cos I don't understand him half the time!

EdamameMommy said...

My kids are trying out names for me, too. Paige might convert to Mom, but Graham likes to correct her, "It's not Mom, it's Mommeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" She also parroted someone calling Al "Al" last weekend. That was a shocker. Even when you know it will happen, it's still weird the first time it does.

I can't wait to see Anna and Colin. You two too of course.

Anonymous said...

Poor lil thing...bad dreams(especially snake dreams)are no fun!

Give Mr. Colin my love!


Jess said...

I hate scary dreams. This morning my really good friend told me he had a dream he was making out with a girl...and it was really bad. I know that's not really relevant to Anna's dream, but I thought it was funny. Whether it's snakes or bad make out session, bad dreams come in all shapes and sizes. haha.

I think it's really funny that Colin is trying out new names for you, but I guess it's at least some form of "Mommy" versus being called "Tyrone". Does Anna still do that? haha.

They are both so cute! XOXO

paula said...

Oh bless them!!! Luke wakes up sometimes and starts to tell me about people who are chasing him, the other day it was "mummy, the postman knocked on the door and then he chased me upstairs!". Also, if I don't answer him straight away he shouts "Pawla, Pawla talk to me!!!" which is quite alarming, and the other day it was "Richard, Richard where are you?" Didn't help that daddy was in the toilet at the time. He sounds like a little grumpy old man when he gets going!!

Emily said...

That reminds me of the time I called to talk to Anna. Anthony told her the phone was for her.
"Who is it?" She asked.
"You'll have to come see," he said.
"Is it Mommy?"
a pause
"Is it Jennifer?"
Anthony laughingly said "No. Come see!"

Anonymous said...

Funny, Emily! That sounds so much like our Anna!


Aunty Norma said...

Paula..who is the 'grumpy old man' Luke or Richard (which I don't believe 'cos I find him charming) lovely story again,Jenn..am really enjoying these blogs..xx

paula said...

Ha Ha Ha aunty Norma - today .... take yer bloody pick, they're both out to get me!!!!! XXXX