Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Truth or Consequences

Last week we were driving home from Anna's school, and she said, "We went down on the slide backwards, and that's against the rules."

"And what was the consequence of that?" I asked her.

"What does KWON-SE-KWENSE mean, Mommy?" she said. So, I explained to her the consequence of some of her actions at home, how it is the result of something that you do, or don't do. I asked her if she understood, and she said yes.

"So, what was the consequence of going down the slide the wrong way?"

"The kwonsequence was we had to sit on the bench, and that is boring and NO FUN." Ah yes, well put.

Tonight, she wasn't allowed to have more water at bedtime unless she peed in the toilet. She tried, but couldn't produce anything.

"What is the consequence of that, Mommy?" she asked me.

Oh sweetheart, good use of that word in a sentence, but I still can't give you any more water!


Anonymous said...

Our brilliant grand-daughter!!!

Love, Grandad & Nana

Aunty Norma said...

hahaha I second that!x

Emily said...

Nice try, Anna.

paula said...

Bless her cotton socks, so sweet

Anonymous said...

Funny! Yeah, how boring is sitting on a BENCH when your four!!!!! Couldn't agree more. And, don't you love the way she tried to get out of tinkling on the potty! =) Very sly,almost worked,right mommy?!?

Yes, Grandad and Nana, Anna is a brilliant kiddo!