Monday, February 06, 2006


Colin is going through all kinds of new things. Today was the first day spent entirely in big-boy underpants. For the non-parent types, that first venture out of the house without diapers on is a little scary. But Colin does well as long as you sit him on the potty every 30 minutes or so. After that you risk an accident, even through the plastic training pants I bought him. He still only asks to use the potty if he's naked. We are definitely making progress, though!

We also switched him (finally) from the crib to the big bed, mostly because he was climbing out of the crib, sometimes with perilous results. Last night was the first night, and he cried a little for his crib (unfortunately still in view) but pretty quickly went to sleep. He only got up once in the middle of the night, but that was because he was soaking wet.

Tonight's been a little bit different story - he's gotten up numerous times. The lure of all those toys and books is just so tempting. Oops - just checked again, and he was actually still in bed this time. Hopefully he'll drop off soon.

The inspiration for Colin's name came from my father's brother; we chose his name to reflect my English heritage, as Anna reflects Anthony's German heritage. Colin was a name I heard a lot growing up, and I always liked the sound of it. After we chose it for my son, my father said how nice it was to hear a familiar name again from his childhood - he and Uncle Colin were closest in age and played together a lot as youngsters.

Sadly, my Uncle Colin died early Sunday morning. He'd had a lifetime of illnesses, and it was a blessing he was able to live so long. He was able to come home from hospital before he died, and his wife and daughter were with him. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Paula, and to your mum and Billy. Also, deepest sympathies to my dad and Auntie Norma.


paula said...

Thanks so much for that beautiful post Jenn, we are all so very emotional at the moment but it's lovely to hear about your little Colin and it always makes us smile to hear about his escapades. Dad used to enjoy hearing about all of your blogs, mum would read them out to him as his sight wasn't up to it towards the end (he didn't like the "gory" stuff too much though (lol). All our love XXXXX

Emily said...

I'm glad you wrote this, Jenn. I wanted to write something about U. Colin's passing, but it seems more fitting from you, with his little namesake.

Anonymous said...

Lovely Post, Jennifer!

I had never heard the name Colin until I married your Daddy back in 1966 - but I really liked it. In those days, parents in the US had not started using more diverse names as is done today. Daddy & I are very glad you chose Colin as the name for our 1st grandson. I know it gives your Daddy much comfort calling him "little Colin", especially now.

Love you, Mommy

P.S. Glad to hear the latest developments for Collie Ollie - pants, potty, bed. He's growing up so fast!!!

Aunty Norma said...

Thank you,Jenn,for the mention of 'our' Colin...I will miss our chats on the phone,he had a wonderful sense of humour like the rest of our Family (which is dwindling )but I still have my little Brother (your Dad) and my eldest Brother (Uncle Ken).I am the 'middle' one in the Family..three above me ,three below..we had a warm relationship the youngest four,playing cards at weekends and hiding the 'betting money' from Mum when she came into the room we were so young..remember,Eric?I too am glad that you named your Son Colin,I always liked the name also.I don't envy you with the 'potty 'training,though,,ughh,
brings back

Daddy said...

Nice post Bink...........Glad Colin is doing well with the training etc.
It was a good experience for me over the past few years to have two Colins in my thoughts. I know I will always reflect upon my brother when I use your son's name. Thanks for that reminder.

Anonymous said...

What great comments from everyone... So sorry to hear of Colin's passing.All our thoughts and prayers go out to Uncle Colin's family....

And, way to go lil Colin-O!
I can't believe how fast that guy is growing up! No more crib and diaper!!!!!!! Although its a nasty business cleaning up all his accidents, I know it's such a relief to not deal with DIAPERS any longer!!!!

Love to all-Bevie-