Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Project Completed

Anthony and Uncle Volker have been busy. They built this compost system, according to plans seen on Gardening By the Yard. Anthony still watches this corny show on HGTV every weekend. There are three bins divided by welded wire mesh, so you can have coarse, medium, and finished compost. The front doors are removable so you can easily turn the compost.

They also rented a sod cutter and removed a large section of time- and water-consuming grass, extending our herb/flower bed. Then they filled it in with crushed granite. The compost bins fit in this beautiful new bed.

I am very excited about the new compost, as our current pile is in a deep plastic bin in the chicken coop - hard to get to, impossible to turn, and not easy to utilize the completed product which is always on the very bottom. Also, there will be plenty of room for large amounts of compost, therefore no more piles of plastic bags full of rotting leaves in the corners of our yard. Last year when our neighbors were throwing all this organic matter away, Anthony volunteered to take them, and thought it would be great to just let them compost away - prebagged as they were - until the next season when he could use them. Seriously.

Danke schoen, Volker!

New compost system.

Chickens by the old compost bin.

Mountain Laurel. Its in early bloom, much to the bees' delight. Smells like grape CoolAid.

Cabbages - the only thing growing in our garden currently.


angie said...

What FABULOUS compost bins! My system consists of one big bin made out of old wooden pallets. I compost the lazy way -- turn the pile a few times over the summer, recharge it with horse manure about once a year, and ignore it the rest of the time. It feels good having so much stuff not get thrown in the trash.

Aunty Norma said...

Compost Bins...GREAT!!! to 'hurry the system up' buy some Garrota the worms love it and you will soon have some fine compost (ask Uncle if he has heard of it)superb cabbages,Jenn, you have done very well to grow them without the horrid slugs eating away at them!oooI love our garden and cannot wait until all the flowers are in bloom,and our favourite tree which takes pride of place in the garden ROBINIA a lovely lime green foliage which lasts right the way through to only sorry it's decidious..:o( xx

EdamameMommy said...

Nice pictorial. Paige requests a bideo of the chickens, please.

Haircut? Prius? (starting to whine...)

BTW, my compact compost bin is great! I'm amazed at how much stuff you can put in there and the level doesn't rise, it keeps going down. It was a great gift, thanks.

paula said...

Fabulous idea Jenn, and the cabbages look beautiful.

Emily said...

Wow. I'm so impressed. I wish I could be more like you guys.
Cabbages look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

WOW, what handy men! The cabbage looks "picture perfect!!!!"


Aunty Norma said...

Emily!! you're running yourself down again!! you have your own lovely characteristics!I am smiling at the thought of 'cabbages being beautiful' :o)ok,ok Paula/Emily yes they are! Jennifer the picture doesn't do you justice (take another one) the thumbnail one is

Lauren Lawhon said...

I love Gardening by the Yard--I swear that's my favorite show on HGTV! I'm very impressed Anthony constructed the composting bins. Paul James would be proud.