Friday, March 03, 2006

Sibling Revelry

Anna went on a little trip with my mom this morning. They went to Waco to see my Grandmother and Great Aunt Sudie. Colin was heartbroken to be left behind this morning and cried his heart out. Nana had offered to take Colin, too, but he's not as easy as Anna (due to his age). As much as we would have enjoyed an evening to ourselves, Anthony and I know man-to-man coverage is better with these guys.

When I got home from work, it was just my boys here to greet me. Colin told me a little bit about his day, and Anthony told me that Colin had been great. It was so easy to deal with just him, "I feel like a professional babysitter!" Anthony told me.

Anna called me after dinner and told me about her exciting day, then requested to talk to her dad. Colin heard us on the phone with her, and said, "I wanna talk, too!" Finally, we passed him the phone and witnessed our kids' first sibling phone conversation.

A: Hi, Colin!

C: Hi, Anna.

A: Hi, Colin.

Me: Ask her where she is.

C: Where ah yoo?

A: I'm at Grandma Dulce's

C: I wanna go to Peter Piper Pizza, too.

A: Yes, Colin, this one has a train, I think you will like it.

C: Bye, Anna!

A: Bye, Colin, I love you so much!

Later I was putting something away in Anna's closet, and I heard Colin exclaim at the noise, "Anna!" He came running in her room, but he was satisfied just to play with the cars he left in there, and with Vino the hamster. His portable crib is still set up in her room from Nana's visit, and he decided to sleep in there tonight.

Anna sounds like she is having a great time. She said she got an extra toy to bring home for Colin. I'm so glad these two like each other so much.


Grandad said...

I called this morning as they were leaving Austin and gassing up for the trip to Waco. Nana offered to let Anna speak to me and she did ...." Hi Grandad, I love you" she said and passed the phone back to Nana. "She is SO excited" Nana said.
It's great that she can spend this time with her Nana and Great Grandma.

Colin will enjoy his time alone with you over the w/e too!

EdamameMommy said...

I read that out loud to Paige and Graham. They loved it.

Anonymous said...

How cute is that conversion! Isn't it great how much they love each other?!!? Hope Anna and Nana had a good trip to Waco!


Anonymous said...

whooppssss, conversation......messed up!