Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Happy Birthday, Anna

Tomorrow my baby girl turns 5. F-I-V-E. Which means five years ago today I was blissfully unaware that my pregnancy was about to end, that nights waking up every hour to pee would be exchanged for nights waking every 1-2 hours to nurse. Why did I ever think I had to wake up, turn on the light, and get my boppy pillow out, and nurse that baby SITTING UP while I struggled to stay awake? Oh yeah, because I felt like I had to make sure she was actually eating. Finally one night I decided I could lay down and nurse her, and even doze.

Five years ago today, I was browsing a gift shop and nearly bought my unborn daughter a little trinket with a faux diamond, the birthstone of April, since my due date was April 7th. At the last minute I put it back, which was quite fortuitous because who knows when I would have had the time or energy to exchange it.

Anna is so excited about her birthday tomorrow - she can't wait to open her gifts, and knows exactly what kind of cake she wants her daddy to make her (lots of icing roses). She is also PUMPED about her "Cowboy-Cowgirl" birthday party on Sunday, and especially the ponies coming for pony rides, although she wants to keep one for good in the backyard.

She is so precocious when she talks, using grown up phrases and gestures -- "Just a little bit," she'll tell me, with her eyes half-closed and her head nodding knowingly. She's so grown up, she blows me away, so that I can't even remember what she was referring to.

But how perfectly I remember her as she was when I brought her home, no longer than my forearm, spidery eyelashes on bruised little eyelids, vanilla-sweet brown hair on a warm, round noggin, tiny fingernails and crooked 4th toe on her right foot, and how I fell endlessly, deliriously in love with her.


Leigh-Ann said...

Birthday cake with lots of icing roses?! Now that's my kind of cake :) Happy Birthday, Anna... eat an extra rose on my behalf.

Emily said...

Yes, we all fell in love with her immediately. What a beauty, right from the beginning. I'm so excited to be there this weekend to share in the festivities!

Bevie said...

WOW! The big 5!
I've got tears in my eyes just reading your post, Jenn! I remember like it was yesterday coming to visit Anna the day after she was born. What a sweetie! I,then 11,was even allowed to hold her...and I quickly fell in love, too!

The unbelievable part about this whole thing is, I remember being five and how great it was to be starting kindergarten! Watch out! Anna will be grown up before you know it!

Anna, I hope you have a magnificant birthday today!!!!!! Don't forget we all love you soooooooooooooo much!


Daisy said...

Happy Birthday, Anna!!

EdamameMommy said...


EdamameMommy said...

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