Sunday, September 18, 2005

Quiet Sunday

We had a mellow day around here. Anna and I went to a birthday party for one of her classmates. It was in a really nice city park with lots of shady trees - important since it was rapidly heating up into the upper 90s today. There were lots of nice kids and parents. My only complaint was that the party was from 11 am to 1 pm, and they served the kids sugar, sugar, and more sugar.

There was the candy that fell from the pinata.

Then the cake. And juice boxes.

That was it. No other food, not even fruit or any form of protein. The main problem with this was all the kids were hungry since the party was held during all conceivable lunching times. I heard three children complain after the sugar fest, "My tummy hurts..."

Anna, after chewing her second Tootsie Roll, suddenly bent over and started hacking out a half eaten roll. Drooling excessively, she wailed to me, "Its still stuck in there!" Apparently, Tootsie Roll was stuck on her teeth, and trailing down her gullet in a elongated melty brown mess. No wonder she gagged. Blech.

At least 4 adults came up to me and said, "She's so beautiful, I love her curls..." Couldn't agree more!


Emily said...

I'm surprised that one of Anna's classmates had such a sugary birthday! I love the rules that her school has about snacks and lunch items, encouraging healthy eating. And, yes, I agree both your children have beautiful hair, but they are also just gorgeous!

Jess said...

Eww, I wouldn't want to eat just sugar for a meal. Sounds yucky. I hate tummy aches. :(

Aunty Norma. said...

Wow,Jennifer..keep her away from THOSE kind of parties...crikey,I thought just about everyone knew that too much sugar in a childs' tummy is bad with a capital B !! I wonder if Anna has had her hair cut yet and if you have kept some of the curls..I still have your Cousin Debbies' golden locks from the first haircut that she had done professionally,.. all together now ahhhhhh :o) x

Paula said...

No wonder she felt ill Jenn. I get a lot of "stick" from various people who can't understand why I don't let Luke have access to lots of cake, biscuits, sweets etc. People meet us when we are out and about and say hello, invariably offer him things and I feel mean saying "no, he doesn't eat that kind of stuff". They look at me like I am some kind of cruel mum and say "WHY?". Thing is, I have a son who loves fruit and veg and appreciates the odd bit of chocolate and sweet treat, it's the way we planned it!! I don't want him growing up addicted to sugar!!!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing worse than a sugar low....with a pounding head and shakie hands....! YUCK! I can't imagine eating all that sugar...with nothing else to counter-balance it.

I don't blame Anna for spitting out the Tootsie Roll...I myself can't stand the chewy nature of them.

For as long as Anna has had enough hair for people to notice, I've heard LOTS AND LOTS of folks comment on her gorgeous curls...she always answers politely,

"Thank you." So cute.