Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Today Colin had his first gymnastics class. He saw the class set up last week in the gym at the Rec Center where I work out, and he went nuts. I felt a little guilty because I had taken Anna as a toddler to Little Gym classes, but they were kind of like fun physical therapy for her since she was such a late walker, etc. Although Colin doesn't need the therapy, I figured it would be good for him to channel some of his energy.

We got there 5 minutes early (really, me!) and wisely the instructor said, "Just let him explore and get comfortable with the equipment." Colin went beserk. He ran from brightly colored mat to mat. There were 2 balance beams, 2 monkey bars, wedge mats, and a mini trampoline. He would have been on the tramp the entire 45 minutes if I hadn't made him get off to let other kids have a turn. It wasn't difficult to entice him with another activity though. His favorite was a monkey bar that he could swing from and kick down a tower of big soft foam blocks. He did this one repeatedly and soon will be sporting a 6 pack as a result, I'm sure. There was also a balance beam set up with bean bags at one end and a bucket at the other. Colin walked across the beam, tossed the bean bags into the bucket, then jumped off the beam onto a dot on the floor. (The beam is only inches off the floor - he's not Mary Lou Retton). Another mom was amazed at Colin's throwing ability, but its all that basketball practice he does. At the end of the class we played with the ever-popular parachute.

During the class I kept peeling Colin's hand off my finger. He thinks he needs to hold my hand to jump off the small mats, climb up the stairs, and go across a wide beam. He doesn't, really, and this class should give him more confidence. But in my heart, I want to baby him, and keep him dependent on me as long as possible. My brain knows better and hurts my heart as I tear my hands away.

My heart feels a little better when I see his joy at successfully completing the jump.

You'd think after so much activity the boy would have a good nap, but noooooo, he lay in his crib and sang, and talked, and played for an hour and a half. Oh well, it gave me time to shower and make some phone calls.

Anna is also taking gymnastics at her Montessori school and loving it, though she will probably soon be eclipsed by her brother in that department!

Couldn't resist posting a few more pics from the Women's Adventure Race in Ft Worth:

Here we are doing a 3-Legged Race. Note the rubber chicken I'm holding (part of the mystery events) and the big nasty bruise on my inner thigh (from falling off the bike the previous weekend).

This was literally the last hurdle before the end (hand-holding not required).



Anonymous said...

That was a great post,Jenn!I'm glad to hear Colin enjoyed his first day at gymnastics!!!

I can just see him throwing the bean bags in the bucket with such expertise! Colin thought:

"A simple flick of the wrist is all.."

Love you all-Bevie-

P.S. Those other three pics ,again, capture the moment - perfectly! =)

Emily said...

I'm glad Colin had so much fun! Thanks for the great description.

Those are great pictures from the Race...much better than my exhausted look on the bike. Where did you find them?

Jess said...

Great post! I really liked the way you talked about peeling his hand off your finger. It was really sweet. I am so happy Colin likes his gymnastic classes, as well as, Anna! Sounds like they are having a lot of fun!

Those are great pictures also! The Adventure Race looks like fun!

Paula said...

Awww Jenn, Colin really sounds like he had fun at his gym class. Really great description! Reminded me of when Luke was going to his Tumble Tot classes, it sounds very familiar, especially the bit about having to peel his finger off your hand (Luke used to want to hold my hand when we went round the equipment). Isn't it heartbreaking though, you know that you have to let them go and do it for themselves but they are still such babies. Luke sometimes seems so grown up when you look at him compared to other younger children but I have to keep reminding myself he is only 26 months old!! I feel so torn in two at times, every time he achieves another little goal, finds another bit of independance,I realise that he is growing up!! My Baby!! By the way, loved the photos of you and Emily - really great stuff!!!

Aunty Norma said...

Lovely pics of you and Emily,Jenn. yes make the most of your little ones whilst they ARE little...they soon grow up and want to 'get on with life'...making me reminisce now!! xx