Monday, September 05, 2005

Dos Linguas and a spill

On Friday, I got to cut and sew another cat tongue. This one was a cat with a tumor under its tongue. The owner had just noticed it when the cat started bleeding from its mouth. Hey, do you know what's under your cat's tongue? I cut the nickel-sized tumor off and sent it off to the lab. I had picked my sister, Emily, up at the airport on my lunch hour so she got to see the whole thing. One of the other vets I work with came over and said, "I can't believe you are cutting another cat's tongue!" We were almost jumping up and down we were so excited. Yeah, its crazy but I really love what I do.

Emily and I were "training" for our next adventure race. Saturday we went for a long bike ride and swim, and Sunday we rode our bikes and jogged. First we went to the high school track to run, and found it was locked. Some other people were on the track and encouraged us to scale the chain link fence, as they had. We decided it was more adventure event training and did. Emily did great; she didn't stop once on our long bike rides, and did some running/some walking at the tracks.

At the end of our second bike ride we decided to mountain bike up a steep drainage hill. Its one I go down all the time with the bike trailer, but I can't go up it with the trailer. Emily said, "You go first, I'll give you plenty of room." Good thing, since I hit a large log on the approach, and completely lost all my momentum. I was determined to continue, though, and so kept going until I hit the cement slope. My bike stopped and I went over the handlebars. I didn't hurt myself too badly, although I did land poking myself in the neck with my handle brake. It bruised my left sternocephalicus muscle (the one that sticks out when you turn your head) so its sore but doesn't look bad. I also have a large silver dollar sized bruise on my right inner thigh; not sure how that happened. My ego is bruised more than my body.

We had a great relaxed Labor Day, but it seems weird that I have to go to work tomorrow. Colin's first day of Preschool is tomorrow, too. Please check out my new banner for the Humane Society at the right hand margin.


Anonymous said...

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Dad said...

Well Jenn, looks like you may have to go to the 'secure' comment routine.

Anonymous said...

Another cat's tongue,huh? I would love to see how you do all that cutting!

I think I know the hill your talking about...Is it the one that's in the grass..if so...I was always "scared" going down it,on bikes - but trying to go up? I've never tried that approach...your braver than Iam.=)

Emily said...

Jennifer is a MACHINE! She just keeps going and going. It's amazing. Biking behind her, I got a great view of her rock-solid calves. Wow.
Me, I'm having trouble walking today. :-)

Jess said...

Whoa! Sorry about falling off your bike. That isn't so great. I don't think I could ever cut a cat's tongue. I would be too afraid I would cut too much or too little. I don't know. That's why you're the Doctor and I am a student. :)