Thursday, September 22, 2005

Battening down the Hatches

This is the phrase everybody is using around here. Although Austin is a good 200 miles from the coast, last night they were predicting that Hurricane Rita could still be a category 1 hurricane by the time it moves up here. 75 mile/hour winds or more. Yikes.

I could see Anthony getting more and more wound up as he watched the weather reports. I finally had to take the TiVo remote and put on The Daily Show. Protective night-owl that Anthony is, he stayed up after I went to bed, locating our old Coleman stove from the days we went camping, rustling up various containers for water, and even going to HEB for food supplies.

That was probably a good move, since I hear today that the parking lots at local grocery stores are full, the shelves are empty, and the check-out lines are backed up halfway down the aisles. However, the threat is much less this morning so we are all cautiously relieved. And worried about Louisiana.

We're pretty slow here at the vet clinic today, but a lot of people are calling for sedatives for their pets to relieve storm anxiety. I figure everyone's rushing around, trying to prepare, and the news says "refill your prescriptions" so they figure they better call the vet for some pills. Just remember they're for the dog, not you!


Anonymous said...

Yes, we are "battening down the hatches" as well. Just returned from the grocery store....they were pretty well stocked- except for bread,water, and meat.

Steph and the kids stayed here last night...they are on their way north - trying to put as many miles between them and the coast as possible!

This whole thing is such a crazy phenomenon...I thought we were safe from anything the Atlantic Ocean could throw our way...guess not.


Leigh-Ann said...

What do you mean, the pills aren't for me?! You mean I'm not supposed to test the dog's Valium before I give it to her?

Paula said...

Gosh Jenn, I hope you guys are going to be ok, I was hearing about it heading towards Texas!! We're thinking about you XX

Jess said...

This hurricane is making everyone crazy. I'm a little worried about it too. I filled my car up with gas and we loaded up on bottled water, peanut butter and bread at our dorm. (Just in case!)

Aunty Norma said...

We are glad of the updates from your our Family is spread all over the States you can guess how these happenings keep us on our toes !!worrying about you all.So glad that Steph.reached her destination, wow,I bet she was tired and those children are so good...Jenn. let Anth. do the watching if he wishes to..better than him 'sleeping on the job' :o) xx

Anonymous said...

Okay, I don't know about you, Jenn...but we hardly got any weather from the hurricane. Just some gusty wind...that's all.

How about you guys?