Thursday, September 15, 2005

Mom Jeans

My mom asked me once, "Do you like those low waisted pants?" I told her although I didn't want anything that Britney Spears would be proud to wear, I also didn't like high waisted pants because they make your butt look flat and broad and weird. Then I saw this, the very thing I fear: Mom Jeans

Be very afraid.

(PS My mom gave me some great genes - youthful looks and a petite frame).


Dad said...

Mommy and I watched that together. It is funny stuff.
Yore rite, you got the gud genes from Mommy for lukes, but, Eye no wear yore branes cum from.

Jess said...

lol. That was hilarious! I literally laughed out loud and then callled my roommate over to watch that video. Your dad's comment is cute also! You're family is so great!

Paula said...

oh my god Jenn!! Is that for real?? You see, I am 38 now and already feeling insecure about what to wear, do you think I should scoot over and get some!! Please say "NO". Thanks, that was hilarious!!

Aunty Norma said...

hahahaaha what's with the 'fear' I wear those kinda pants,Jenn !!!most comfy pants you can buy...Eric..I also contributed to the Brains department when she was a Babe in arms remember? when you brought her to England I used to whisper in her ear and tell her stuff :o)I agree she gets the 'Looks' from Her Mom...Paula, a bit of advice coming your way..wear what you feel good in not what 'the flow' is wearing.ok?A.Norma.x

Anonymous said...

I can't STAND wearing any kind of jeans above my naval! It bugs and irritates me to no end...I love to mimic my mom and pull my jeans waaayyy up high and walk around the house. Although, I can't stand doing that for more than a minute- because,to me, wearing them like that is soooooooooo uncomfortable. =)

Maybe I'll revert to "mom jeans" later in life(like when I'm not a teenager),but for now....*ug* they irk me!


Aunty Norma. said... must look like Simon Cowell then when you pull your pants up high hahaha Norma.

Anonymous said...

hahahaha,aunty Norma! I always think I look like Steve Erkell(sp?) when I mimic my mom's high pants!All I need are the BIG glasses..and I'm there! =)
I know my day is coming, though..when my kids someday say,

"Ewwwwwww,mom... your wearing hip-huggers!?! Those are SUCH mom pants!"

That thought is kind of frightening!


Anonymous said...

I must now enter the Mommy pants fray; for you see I am Mommy Pants. There is a very good reason why women over 40 hide from hip huggers. Those puppies make you look like a trio of inner tubes are riding on your hips. Let's face it, my navel is happy being unexposed.

Dear Bevie, I suppose empire waist jeans will be the rage when your kids are aware of fashion. You never know!


Mommy Pants
aka Bevie's Mom

EdamameMommy said...

This is so good. It's true, Bevie was just complaining about the mom jean, super high waist, long zipper stuff when she and her mom visited here.

There has to be a happy medium. I don't like feeling like I have a butt above my butt -- when the waist is too low, I feel like I am always trying to hike it up on the sides where my haunches are hanging out. So attractive!

Anonymous said...

I can't resist...I have to respond to edamaemommy's comment! Although, hip-huggers can sometimes make your "haunches" stick out...I'd prefer the continual "pulling them up" than
wearing the high,waisted,uncomfortable alternative. =)

As to what my mom said....I think I'll BAN my kids from wearing any kind of clothing article that'll make them look like a tree trunk...(the "empire waist jeans" thing).


P.S. Boy,Jenn, this sure was a great topic to put on your blog! Sorry to take up sooo much room!

Jennifer said...

Hey, everybody, thanks for contributing to the MOM JEANS discussion! Great talking points!

BTW Auntie Norma, did you know that Bevie is my aunt Cinda's daughter? That makes Cinda "Mommy Pants" ! Hard to believe someone I thought was SO COOL in 1981 is thought of as the antithesis of hip by her own daughter.

Leigh-Ann said...

I like my jeans to be cut just every so slightly below my navel (because I had it pierced about a decade ago, and anything above the navel tends to sort of irritate). Calvin Klein used to make jeans which fit my needs exactly, but lately all I find are jeans which are in my armpits, or letting my butt crack hang out. Do you think I could find some "Low-Rise Mom Jeans"? Cuz you know they'd be "low", but still high enough to be discrete.

Paula said...

Just to say that I hate with a passion high rise pants, although Jenn, in the 1980's they were the "in" thing so that would account for why aunt Cinda was so cool then!!! (Not that she isn't now of course). Do you know, I reckon it was about 1981 when I last saw her!!! Unbelievable isn't it!! I agree with the just below the naval idea, any lower and I have to "tuck" my C Section belly in (Yuck Yuck too much info!).

Anonymous said...

OK, Now your true Mom, who I guess inspired this post, must log on.....

Wow, Jenn, this is one fantastic blog AND post! You have everyone conversing on a topic that obviously we are all concerned about! It is a comfort thing and a self-conscious thing! When young, I wore the hip hugger and bell bottom things - oh, so cool - and now because of these haunches that feel very uncomfortable when they hang over the waist, I don't like low riders. But because I have no waist, I like the jeans that have a slightly lower waist but they still tend to creep up. I guess your bum (and body) just change over time, you don't look cute in the "In Fashion" any more and like Aunty Norma, we just go for comfort and hopefully don't look too bad! Isn't this fun!!! Love, M

Anonymous said...

P.S. Now I'm off to the gym to work on my haunches! Love, M

Aunty Norma. said...

Yes,Jennifer, of course I know who Bevies' Mom is :o) and I bet like your Mom and me :o) she still has a nice figure!..anyway all that's wrong with MY figure is that it's a lil' older (teehee.)I honestly think that if your bum 'aint too big just wear what you want,I see some horrific sights in our Village of young girls wearing the 'hipsters' and showing everything (and more) that God gave to them..AND calling in at the pie and cake shop..ooer.x

Anonymous said...

I'm a 48 year old mom and I have one thing to say about Mom Jeans: Not even to save my life! LOL!!