Sunday, August 28, 2005

Vino makes hasty recovery

If you haven't read yesterday's post "Hamster Mishap," please read it below before you read this one.

Enricka sent me some pictures of the rodent poster boy for seatbelt use. Here he is on the "second floor" of his cage. He looks good, although his hair is a little greasy from the eye lube we put on his corneas when he was under anesthesia.

He lost his right arm, so he looks almost normal in this view. She said it was hard to take many good pictures because he was moving around his cage so fast! Witness Vino going "downstairs":

To answer Julie's question: When I got home on Saturday, Anna said immediately, "How's Vino?" although Anthony had not told her about the ordeal. I squatted down to her eye level and said, "I have to tell you about Vino. He had an accident." Her eyes got huge and she grimaced her mouth and she asked me, "Is he OK?" "Yes, he's OK; what happened was..." but as I told her the gory details she tuned out, since she already knew he was alright. Then she said, "Its OK, Mommy, I will teach him to walk like this!" She plopped down on all fours and put her right arm behind her back and started crawling around the kitchen, just like the little tripod her hamster has become! Priceless.


Jess said...

haha, when you told me that story tonight I almost fell over in laughter. She's so funny! I had so much fun tonight and my mother absolutely adores Anna and Colin. I kept trying to tell her how cute they were, but tonight I know she recognized that for herself.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Vino is recovering well. I'm still in awe that he survived that traumatic ordeal.-Bevie-

Emily said...

Wow...what a dramatic story. Glad the little guy's doing well.

How's Anna doing with the accidents now that Vino is not around?

Grandad said...

You could easily train ColinO by threatening to confiscate his B'ball!!

Julie said...

What a sweetie! It's amazing what little kids can take in stride. :)