Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Medical Appointments

Yesterday was so busy. After I dropped Anna off at school, I took Colin to the park, then took Montana to her appointment, down in South Austin. The CT scan and CSF tap went very well. There is some sort of lesion in her brain but we are waiting for the analysis of everything to determine if it is a tumor or stroke-type lesion. I don't want to talk too much about it until the results are all in; I'll let you know when its back.

I left Montana at the clinic to recover from the general anesthesia, then picked Anna up at school. She had said earlier she wanted to go with me for my dental cleaning, so we went together. Anna's pediatrician said its time for her first dental visit, so the last time I went I brought her (on their recommendation) to show her how things went. The sour puss of a hygeinist I always get scheduled with looked annoyed and said, "Oh, hi," when I introduced Anna, then took my Xrays and cleaned my teeth without ever acknowledging her presence in the corner of the room. And Anna was SOO good that visit, sitting in her chair coloring quietly, just like I'd told her to. I thought, I took her out of school for this? (This is the same hygeinist who could not have acted more uninterested when I brought her a couple of unusual animal dental Xrays. I stupidly thought she'd like to look at them since she had pictures of her dog and cat on display.)

Well, yesterday I got a nice new hygeinist, Amanda. She and her assistant made such a fuss over Anna, who said, "Yes, please," and, "Thank you," to every question asked her. We talked about how Anna needed a first visit and what that involved. "If they're not ready, I don't even put a metal instrument in their mouths. If they'll let me, we take 2 Xrays, and basically just chart and polish their teeth," she said. Then, without prompting, Amanda said to Anna, "If there's time at the end, would you like to sit on your Mommy's lap and let me look at your teeth?" Anna's eyes grew wide and she said quickly, "No, thank you. My teeth are fine today. (pause) Maybe tomorrow." This cracked them up. But after they told Anna she could pick out a fancy pencil if she complied, and after watching me get my teeth polished, she agreed.

Anna showed off her teeth and her bite and picked out a Ladybug pencil. We have an appointment for Amanda to clean her teeth in 2 months. And, it'll cost half of what the pediatric dentist charges!


EdamameMommy said...

That sounds fantastic. She is such a good girl. I'm glad the pencils enticed her.

Ironic that you post about dentists today -- at dinner tonight, I told Al I really must go get my cavity filled. It's a small one BUT it's been several months since they noticed it (they didn't have time to do it the day of my cleaning). I am getting a slight tooth ache. Ugh, I hate having dental work. It's on my very back molar, so I know it's going to be a pita to get it out!!!!

Jess said...

That's great the Anna doesn't seem too afraid of the dentist. I was never really afraid of the dentist either. Then again, Anna has nothing to fear, she has good teeth. I always liked going to the dentist because afterward I got a really cool new toothbrush. :)

Anna's & Colin's Grandad said...

Oh what a nice post. Anna is so good. We have such a good hygeinist whom we have gone to for at least 8 years. Monica really makes you feel comfortable. On the one or two occasions when we have not been able to be scheduled to see her ( because she is so fertile) we miss her a lot. I wish Anna could see her for her appt.
Good onyou Anna for showing off your bite and getting a pencil to boot!

Anonymous said...

WOW! I'm so proud of Anna for letting the dentist look in her mouth! What would life be like without gaudy pencils and stickers? Love-Bevie-

Emily said...

I'm so proud of her for being such a polite little girl! I'm glad it went so well.
Also, I'll be keeping Montana in my thoughts. Love you all.