Saturday, August 06, 2005

An Assortment of Images

Last night Colin woke up at 11:30, crying inconsolably. At midnight, we figured out why when he vomited all over the place. Then he nodded off on my lap, and was so adorable Anthony had to take a picture, despite being covered with vomit himself -- he did most of the unglamorous parenting that night, and I just got to hold the sleeping babe while he cleaned up.

Fortunately he was back to normal this morning, and no one else has gotten ill.

Since my in-laws are visiting this weekend, and that's a good thing because I really like them, I made them a grilled dinner including mostly veggies from our garden:

Anna had to throw herself on the floor and wail in protest when she found out we weren't going "out to eat." Then later, she couldn't keep her cotton pickers off the platter of grilled veggies and pork tenderloin while I tried to take a beautiful food shot:

Also, a Montana update: Montana had a grand mal seizure on Friday at home, while both Jessica and Anthony were here. I was at work. The seizure lasted less than 5 minutes, and by the time she got to my work, she was completely normal. I ran some labwork, which was basically normal. She hasn't skipped a beat since then, and has had no more seizures. We are hoping this was just a freak, isolated incident, that won't be repeated. We have some Diazepam on hand here, just in case.


Anonymous said...

Poor Colin-O! It's no fun to have the I'm glad he's feeling better! Colin looks so grown up in that pic of him with Jenn! WOW!
Also, that meal of grilled veggies and pork tenderloin looks YUMMY! Love you all-Bevie-

Anonymous said...

I second what "little" Bevie said, poor Colin! I love that picture, though, of him sleeping - what a beautiful, long boy he is! And I love the picture of Anna so delicately picking out her favorite treats from the platter! My lovely Martin grandchildren!! Love Nana

Emily said...

Oh, I was so distressed to hear about Montana! (Mommy told me on the phone, "Have you read Jenn's blog?") Such a sweet dog. I do hope it doesn't recur, but what could cause that?
Glad Colin is feeling better. He looks beautiful and serene in the sleeping picture. God bless Anthony for taking the vomit shift!

Jess said...

I hope Colin is feeling better. He does look very sweet in that picture! He's such a sweet, good little boy. Wish Anna luck on going to school Monday!!! I hope she has a lot of fun!