Monday, August 08, 2005

Lots of Photos from Sunday

We started out the day eating beautiful pastries Anthony had made the night before. Anna says, "Oma, when can we eat these Fruit Torts?"

Later that afternoon, we went to Ashlynn Bohmfalk's third birthday party. There were lots of Bohmfalk cousins to play with (such nice people!) and there was the SUPERSLIDE to play on.

Colin spent most of the party engaged in his favorite activity, "Bahbegoll."

Mommy and Colin go down the superslide! (one of just 3 times)

Anna goes down the superslide (one of a 1000 times).

Aunt Regina goes down the superslide (one of more times than I want to count!)

Anna chows down on a hotdog, and Colin eats a bag of Cheetos. Funny, he'd never eaten them before, but he sure knew what they were called and how to recognize a bag fast! Cheetos and birthday cake were his dinner that night - serious nutrition!

The birthday girl, Ashlynn, with her favorite babysitter, Paige.

What party is complete without showing your Coppertone butt-crack and mosquito bitten cheek?

Ashlynn blows out the candles, with additional Anna, Ian, and Daniel spit blown on the cake. It was decorated by her big brother, Patrick, aged 8.


Anonymous said...

What CUTE pics! The party looked like lots of fun...especially the water slide. I noticed Colin couldn't even go down the slide without holding some kind of ball...*ha ha* In this case, it was a soccer ball. I just counted...Colin is coming up on 9 months of his obsession w/ "bagheboll". Also, Anna looks like an angel in the first picture.

BTW: Anth, those pastries looked VERY professional...and yummy.
Love you all-Bevie-

dakotablueeyes said...

Wow that looks like tons of fun!!!

Emily said...

I can't believe Ashlynn is already three! Hope she had a great birthday. It certainly looks like fun was had by all...even the Mommies!

Grandad said...

What lovely caakes....( Manchester pronunciation)
was the pastry short?

Can't wait for my next b'day when i can request a tort.

EdamameMommy said...

Oh "we" got that pink plastic disney princess teaset for "our" 2nd birthday and it is used daily for tea parties in this house. Too bad they don't make a black demons and monsters teaset. Just a pink pretty princess one.

Love the swimmer tanline.

Love all the pics, you can't post enough.