Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Parlez vous anglais?

We are pleased to report we've had a good experience in France. All the people have been very kind to us, and some have gone out of their way to help us. The Cote d'Azur is quite international - we hear French, German, and British English everywhere.

We stopped in a small cafe for some coffee shortly after we got off the boat, then bought train tickets from Cannes to Nice.

The entire town of Cannes is scrubbing itself up for the film festival later this week - lots of cleaning and painting going on.

We enjoyed Nice, walking most of the day, including the long Promenade d'Anglais on the beach.

Ate quite a bit of crusty bread products, too, the best being a ficelle studded with ham. I went to the Marc Chagall museum and enjoyed the colorful paintings. The streets of Nice are beautiful, with wrought iron balconies. These French love their chiens - there is dog poop and pee everywhere (watch your step). The people smell a lot, too - either of too much cologne, or body odor.

I must say we had good desserts last night on the boat (after I dissed 'em) - Anth had a pecan pie loaded with nuts, and I enjoyed a creamy Panna Cotta. Also, at breakfast every day we have some wonderful Italian yogurt - intera (whole milk) - that is incredible. The fruit flavors are not burdened with huge chunks of tired, soggy fruit (although they contain 7% fruit), but instead infused with the flavor of them. I like the albicocca (apricot), Anth likes vanilla and cafe.

OK better go as this internet cafe is revoir!


Dad said...

Glad to hear you met some nice (NPI) French people. Also liked your choice of Nice versus Monte Carlo. I think I'll do same thing in 2 weeks. I get to Cannes on last day of film fest.
Next for you is Palma de Majorca and it too is a very international destination, the playground for many Limeys.
As for me,I am down to my fighting weight so will partake in ALL the flour products that the boat and destinations have to offer. Your descriptions have made me look forward to that treat. Looking forward to spending Friday with Tip and the twins then to Galveston on Sat afternoon.

Emily said...

too tired to write much. Just finished writing about your kids on my blog. Check it. Love you.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say how much better the kids were today! Anna was delightful the whole day. =)She was thrilled to see us come pick her up from school, and we played the game "Pretty, Pretty Princess." After dinner she was ALL giggles..while swinging on the swing outside.
Colin, Emily, and I went to Chuys for lunch, was GREAT as usual. Colin REALLY enjoyed watching the "Bagebol" on TV. *he he* =) While Anna was at school, we all went for a bike ride, through the neighborhood,and played on the playground at the end. Colin-O was worn out.

Guess that pretty much sums it up(except some cute little stories Em will probably write on her blog.)
Both kids are in bed..(wait Anna just came out for her last potty..."I'm done...EMILY...I'm DOONNEEEE!)
Well, I'd better go...I think I'm up for some COFFEEE!

Love All- Bev