Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Adorable things Colin said today

While we two are sitting at the table, eating breakfast, he suddenly asks, "What happened?" Clearly nothing has happened, other than the crunching of cereal; I know he is just practicing this phrase, trying it out conversationally. Still I'm not sure how to reply.

Then, "Look, a tongue!" he exclaims, then points in his mouth. What a great discovery! In each of our own mouths is a functional tongue! I am impressed that he knows this without a mirror.

"Stinky. Bum." I also appreciate this heads up before we head out the door to the doctor's office. The dr. later assures me this is a good sign for later potty training.

"A big, big bus! A BIG!" Colin points out many of the things he sees from the backseat, but he gets really enthusiatic about the buses.

"Hi Fi. Hi Fi, Mommy." He is grabbing my hand, keeping me from doing whatever task is occupying my attention. What are you saying, son? Hi Fi? Oh, its high five, he wants a celebratory slap on the hand. You bet, little guy; one on each hand for good measure.


Emily said...

Colin is such a chatterbox! I do miss his commentary when I'm driving. "A truck! A BIG truck!" and as you leave your neighborhood, "A house. A house. Another house. A basketball goal. A house...."

EdamameMommy said...

I just had to the theme of this post:

Watching me poop has become quite the spectator sport in this house. So upon "impact" the other morning, Paige exclaimed, "There it goes!" with such adorable intonation I cracked UP! Oh my, what have we become?!?!?!?!