Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Dog Bite Face

Ouch. Look at that pouty lower lip!

Thank goodness for people like my friend Lisa, who said, "It really doesn't look as bad as I expected," and sister Stephanie, who said, "You really have to put that picture on your site so people can see that its not so bad. Everyone is talking about it."

This picture was taken a day after the bite. Yesterday, it felt much better and the swelling went way down. Even though the black eye got more colorful, today its almost concealable with makeup.

Bonus: no need to put eye shadow on the bitten eye, as the bruising naturally colors the eye crease!

Here you can see the "ants" on my lip (stitches).


Emily said...

Oh, good. It doesn't look as bad as I had feared. I'm glad it's feeling better, too!

Anonymous said...

Me, too, soooo glad you are healing quickly!! Love you, M

EdamameMommy said...

Of course, y'all should know she removed one of the "ants" while we were there so she REALLY looks good now. You can't even see the place on her lip where the stitch used to be. It is amazing how quickly the face heals. And we are lucky that RR didn't get her one inch lower/to the right and leave lasting marks in her eye and chin. Very lucky placement!

Amy Adams said...

I hate to say it but these pictures look kind of pretty! The swollen lips and dazed expression are kind of reminiscent of a Vogue model shoot...gee whiz did you discover a natural beauty lip enhancement method? Well I suppose it's not worth it. You look just like Anna in that top picture - like you are about four years old!