Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Our embryonic garden

Here is a picture of our early spring garden. The first row (right) has 4 lettuce plants and 3 spinach plants, followed by our sugar snap peas. I took this pic of our lettuces after I had harvested enough for 2 night's worth of huge salads for Anthony and me. I have never grown lettuces before, and WOW are they tasty! Eating fresh greens picked hours before, with just a little olive oil and salt -- mmmmmmm. There are a few leeks in the middle of the lettuces, and one old cabbage on the end.

The 2nd row has Edamame plants! I can't wait to pop those into my mouth. There are some older onions in the middle. The last row is tomatoes - 9 of 'em - all different varieties, some heirloom, some reliable merced.

Between the garden, the chickens, and the solar panels, our neighbors think we're freaks that are planning for the apocalypse.


Emily said...

Hey, freaks, good thing you live in Austin where the slogan is "Keep Austin weird." Keep freakin' out your neighbors! It's good for them.

EdamameMommy said...

Inspired by Anthony's insistence that I CAN grow tomatoes, I have one plant. It's not looking seussical yet, so maybe there's hope.

I think it's very cool that you are growing edamame. But I guess that goes without saying!