Saturday, April 02, 2005

Its Princess Party Central

Sorry I haven't posted much recently, but we've been preparing for the Princess Party we're having for Anna tomorrow. Every child we invited is coming. It's lots of fun, and the Princess was almost too excited to go to sleep tonight.

I would like to write about our wonderful trip to Lexington last Monday, where we picked 6 lbs of strawberries and had a very good time. We also have an adorable new chick that needs her picture posted. But I will leave you with this anecdote.

I was lying on the floor, reading a book to Anna. She jumped up and said, "Oh! I need to go tinkle." "Okay, go ahead," I said. She put her hand on my chest and said, "Pause yourself, Mommy. Just pause yourself."

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Anonymous said...

I hope the princess party went well!

Give the Birthday Princess a hug for me! Love- Bev-