Saturday, April 30, 2005

All aboard!

Grazie mille for all your wonderful comments. We have enjoyed reading your reactions and hearing about the goings on in Texas.

We have just arrived in Civitavecchia, and are walking down to Il Porto (the port) from la stazione (train station) to meet our boat. Saw an "Internet Point," so we ducked in to update you all. The long train ride from Milano to Roma was uneventful except for a mistake we made with our biglietti (tickets) which is too tedious to repeat here - just imagine me trying to explain in my pigeon Italian that we really did pay for the tickets even though we only had il supplemento (the upgrade portion). My Italian is not as good when I am flustered.

Yesterday we went to the local mercato near Romina's house, which totally puts our farmers market to shame. Later we went shoe shopping at a store called Scarpe e Scarpe (Steph woulda been in cielo!) and bought Anthony some grey pants (he forgot his) for just 12 euro! The funny thing is all the men's pants come unfinished. So I assured Anthony I could hem them for him, and now he has another pair for the boat.

Romina made us una fantastica cena last night - pizzocheri - a one bowl pasta dish with boiled potatoes, spinach, a rustica whole grain pasta, butter, fontina, garlic, sage -- delizioso!

And insalate di rucola (arugola). She went to bed with the baby and we stayed up far too long, chatting with Alberto after he got off work at 10 pm.

Not as long of a post this time, so you guys can tell we are enjoying Italian life. We are looking forward to being spoiled on the boat, and more good food. We bought some vodka and Cointreau at the supermercato (grocery store) so we can have un apertivo before dinner. Can you believe the Cointreau we pay $40 for is just 12 euros? No sin taxes in this country. Just hefty income tax.

We are having a great vacation. Wish you all were here. Send me a postcard, drop me a line (comment).

Ciao ciao!


Emily said...

Thanks for the translations. :-)

The food descriptions really sound wonderful! I hope the food on your cruise is just as satisfying.

It's a beautiful day here in Dallas. I'm just headed outside to water my garden. I slept in (10) because I know next weekend little lovies will be waking me up early!

Bon voyage!

EdamameMommy said...

It's a chilly, blustery day in Houston, but we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Emily Coleman, our Rice student babysitter who will be living in the garage apartment for the summer.

Today Graham watered my 'maters using the stream setting on the nozzle, so they are looking abused. :(

Paige's most used words of the day:

Right dere
sallah (stroller)
baboon (balloon)
Dola (Dora)

Graham's most used words of the day:


Dad said...

Good, I'm glad you got to the ship.I saw this morning where you can stay on the ship from May 7 through the next week and visit Villfranche(MonteCarlo) and several other Italian cities like Sorrento, Capri , Pompei,Valletta, Santorini and end up in Athens for only $599 per person! Let Emily and Mommy know if you decide to re-up :-)
We have been talking about you all day-- I reminded Mommy when you would be leaving the dock and then a coupla hours later said you would be enjoying your 1st dinner o/b now.
You need to tell me the mistake on
Trenitalia because I will be walking to the train stn in Civitavecchia on May 23rd. Was it validating the ticket before boarding?
Sounds like you had a good time with Romina and Alberto. He like his gifts?

messymama said...

Emily slept until 10!!! Someday....
Hey, maybe Jenn & Anth are sleeping until 10! I hope so. No big Italian breakfasts to get up for, anyway. Just that coffee from the Gods, sweet nectar of life.
Oh, gotta go. Kiddies are up!

Celia said...
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