Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Check me out!

Colin had a great day today. We went to Target to get gifts for some birthday parties we have coming up, and I got Colin a pair of sandals. I wanted to get him a cheap pair of sandals he could wear in a pinch until I can get him a nice leather pair. I found these cool Spiderman sandals for just $6! He loves them. He says, "Rook. 'Pie-duh-man."

He also points to the octopus on his shirt and says, "Ah-pus."

Here he's pointing to Spidey. He loves these shoes! I took them off to put his pyjama pants on and he cried. So I put them back on after the pants were on. I hope Anthony got them off before he put him to bed...

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Anonymous said...

He reminds me of Taylor saying "Pider - man" He looks so grown up! Nana