Tuesday, April 05, 2005

All My Chicks

We ate dinner tonight on the porch, it was such a beautiful, cool, breezy evening. After we ate, I let the chicks out of their cage to stretch their legs. So cute!

Sorry this pic is out of focus. This is a pic of our cute little Americauna chick. She's about a week old. When I got her last week, she still had her little egg tooth. All day long she says, "Cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep." Just like one of those little electronic chicks you hold in your hand.

We also have an Americauna pullet, seen above, who is about 5 weeks old. She looks like a mini chicken, but she still says "Cheep cheep cheep cheep..." Anna is very excited because I am taking the chick and the pullet, and some of our hens eggs, to show off at her school. (We also have 1 rhode island red hen, and 2 black sex links). The hens live in a little fenced off area behind our shed, and sleep at night in the little green coop Anthony built them. The Americaunas are going to be fancy hens, and lay "Easter eggs" - green and blue eggs. In 6 months, they will lay an egg a day. That means we'll get 10 eggs every 2 days, if we're lucky!


EdamameMommy said...

Oh, I am thinking of all the wonderful things we can do with those pretty shells. Hurry chicklets, grow up and lay some eggs already!

Anonymous said...

What sweet pictures of the kids...and the chicks! -Bev-

Anonymous said...

I love the enthusiastic picture of the kids and the chick! Nana

Eric said...

Googd pics Jenn. Did you grow the lettuce from seeds?