Saturday, February 19, 2005

Virus and a Movie

Last night we got the kids in bed around 8:30 pm, not bad for a non-school night. All was well until we heard some wheezy coughing from Colin's room at 10:30. Anthony went in there and found him vomiting next to a large pile of the beans-and-rice dinner he ate. (I know, I know, Emily always says Steph and I talk too much about bodily fluids. Goes with the toddler territory.) Poor Colin looked totally bewildered by the involuntary contractions ejecting the entire contents of his stomach.

We cleaned him up, sat with him awhile, and ended up changing his sheets 3 times before giving up and just keeping him on the couch with us with a bucket handy. I held him until 1 am. He was curled up in on top of my belly, and I thought about how he used to occupy that space 2 years ago. Except, of course, now he weighs 3.3 times what he did at birth, and even curled up his body stretches from my chest, over my belly, and onto my lap. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see his eyelashes like the wings of a butterfly, briefly open and then close, open and close, until they remained closed. I put him in the crib and went to bed. Anthony got him up vomiting a few minutes later, we tried putting him in our bed, which he promptly vomited on, too. He continued heaving every 15-30 minutes, so Anthony sat/slept with him on the couch from 1 until about 6, when I relieved him, then took him to the pediatrician's at 9:45 am. By the time we got there, of course, he was jabbering happily, exploring the waiting room, and acting like I had munchausen by proxy to be taking him to a waiting room full of sick kids. They looked like he did a few hours before.

He's feeling much better now, took a long nap and ate a huge dinner. While he slept, I took Anna to see her first movie EVER in the theater, Pooh's Heffalump Movie. It was cute and short, but Anna is pretty sensitive, so at the part where the Heffalump starts crying and missing his mommy, Anna started missing her dad. He got some great hugs when we got home.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about Mr. Colin-O.....and that was a sweet story about Anna and the movie!!!!!! =)