Sunday, February 27, 2005


On Sundays I usually try to get out and get some exercise. Today was beautiful, so I took the kids on a long bike ride. We have this great bike trailer from Target that both the kids can ride in. Its great because even if I totally wipe out, they won't fall! After biking for about 30 minutes, I stopped at the big City park and let Anna out to pee. I thought I'd also let the kids run around for a few minutes before strapping them back in the little trailer. Colin ran right over to the basketball courts with his miniature ball. As I tossed his ball into the basket for him, he spied the mudpuddles next to the court and ran through them. "Oh no!" I said, but then, it was such a beautiful sunny day, and it was such a nice sight to see a boy running through the puddle with such delight. Oh well, I thought, the shoes are already wet... I let him run through a few more times. The joyous laughter he made was like bells ringing in the air. Then he fell, and started wallowing in the water, then he was just falling on purpose. Oh yeah, and somewhere in there, his sister came over and joined him and also started fake falling and wallowing. That's when I had to get on my mean mommy voice and tell them they were making me angry and they were not allowed to lay in the water, and then pretty soon I had to end the whole thing and drag Colin by his wrist to the bike while he whimpered. He was OK though, once I'd stripped him and given him some juice. At home they both got baths.

That happy little boy laugh is still in my ears.

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Anonymous said...

Very sweet story, Jenn. I can just see Colin and Anna enjoying that mud puddle! -Bev-