Saturday, February 26, 2005

Maybe cat

Who is this cute little feline, curled up on my green chair? He's a little stray cat, found behind my clinic. He is SO sweet. I neutered him on Thursday, and decided to bring him home for a trial run on Friday. When I came in with him, Anna said excitedly, "What is that? Oooh, its a kitty. I like his green eyes!" I told her he came to "spend the night." He was a good boy, and immediately peed in the litter box. So far he continues to behave like a gentleman, so his invitation has been extended. He slept part of last night curled up at the foot of Anna's bed. He is very patient with the kids. So far, so good!


Anonymous said...

That is the cutiest kitty cat!!!! He's very lucky to be at such a great house. I love all the curls in the previous pic, too!Love you all -Bev-

Anonymous said...

A boy cat? Well at least he's castrato. He's pretty cute; we need a pic of his eyes. -Auntie Steph

Anonymous said...

And what does Senor Anthony say about a cat? :) Nana