Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The First Post

Okay, this is my first foray into speaking publicly on the internet. I am keeping this blog so that hopefully friends and family can stay up to date on the goings-on in our life, and maybe some lurkers can also enjoy the adventures.

My 3 year old daughter, Anna, went to her Preschool Cooking class today, and they made "Edible Playdough." I thought that was pretty cool; should be very handy for her 20-month old brother, Colin, who I haven't let use playdough yet because I thought he might eat it (even though it is nontoxic). We did finally have to take it away from Anna so that she would be able to eat at least some of her dinner. Here is the recipe:

1 (8 oz) jar smooth peanut butter
6 tbsp of honey
Nonfat dry milk powder

Combine the first three ingredients, using enough dry milk powder to make a dough. Then knead, shape, roll, and decorate with raisins, nuts, or sprinkles. Then eat and enjoy!

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