Monday, February 14, 2005

I HEART Cystotomies

Today was a great day at work. I got to do one of my most favorite surgeries EVER. A cystotomy. That means cutting open the bladder and removing the stones (uroliths).

I love cystotomies because it is usually a straight forward surgery on a relatively healthy patient. There is a problem (stones in the bladder) that is causing discomfort and disease in the patient. It is easy to access the bladder, remove the offending stones, and sew the patient up. Just like that, the patient is CURED! Hooray! Of course, there are some post op issues, like finding special diets so the patient doesn't form stones again, but over all the surgery is easy and successful and fun. Plus, I have a clever way of suturing the bladder wall shut in an inverting pattern that pleases me to no end. I enjoy other surgeries, but they have other draw tumor removal - could be malignant, could be difficult to close; dentistry - technically can be difficult; exploratory abdominal surgery - who knows what danger lurks in there....

Other highlights from today: seeing 2 very nice, very sweet young labs that were recently adopted by nice clients, puppy booster shots, and a lunch time visit by my husband and my son. My co-workers hadn't seen Colin in a long time and loved his long, curly blonde hair and his butterfly tattoo on his arm. (What an Austin dude!)

Much better than last Monday. The clinic had 5 euthanasias that day. Two of those were mine, an old cat I'd been trying to make better but couldn't, and 7-year old dog, long time patient of the clinic, with kidney failure that had suddenly gotten worse. Five adults drove in to say goodbye to that dog. You know its a bad day when the euthanasia solution sits on out on the counter all day. Everyone in the clinic was glum.

But, today was a great cystotomy day. And when I got home, Anna had a small pile of Valentine's cards and only a little bit of candy from her school. And there are 25 students in her class!

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