Saturday, December 05, 2009

Welcome Bonnie

If you haven't read the post below titled "Spencer," scroll down and read that first.

Incredibly, the day after my MIL Marion lost Spencer, a friend of hers called out of the blue.  "Would you be interested in having another sheltie?  I have an elderly friend who is moving in with her son.  He is allergic to dogs so she can't keep her."  The woman had not heard about Spencer, but her timing was good.

Soon Marion was driving to meet "Bonnie," although she told me she felt a little guilty after just losing Spence.  I told her not to be, because even if he had not died, I'm sure she would have taken Bonnie in.  For some people, getting another dog right away helps the healing process; others need a lot more time.  Marion needed another dog.

She is an older dog but looks like a puppy because she got a haircut.  Marion cannot understand why anyone would cut a sheltie's beautiful coat, but it will grow back.  They have already been for lots of walks, and Bonnie follows Marion everywhere.  "Looks like we have a little sweetheart," she says.


get2eric said...

Fantastic timing. As my mom would say, looking up to the sky, "He knows, He knows"

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Marion - she looks so sweet! Merry Christmas, Marion!

EdamameMommy said...

She deserves a little sweetheart! And heaven knows that dog is lucky to have Marion. This is good!

Emily said...

She's beautiful! She does look like a puppy with the haircut. I'm glad Marion has a new dog to love.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful for both of them! She does look like a sweetie!

peevish said...

Wonderful news, and she DOES look like a puppy!