Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We have a great new injectable antibiotic that lasts for 10 days. Its quite pricey for large dogs, but for cats it only costs $10 more than the $25 liquid or pill that you have to give your cat BY MOUTH twice a day. Since cats don't mind shots the way kids do, but really hate that bubblegum flavored liquid, and really abhor a dry pill being shoved down their throats, I haven't had any feline owners decline yet. Worse case scenario, the cat has to come back for a second injection in 10 days.

Today I saw a cranky, painful, febrile kitty with an infected bite wound on her leg. Her owners of course opted for the magic shot. "This only lasts 10 days," I said. "That would be Christmas Day, and we are closed. So if she's not completely better by Christmas Eve, come back that morning for a second injection."

Yikes! 10 days to Christmas! How did that happen?!?

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Emily said...

I know! I've got SO much to do before then. I'll be there with you a week from today, which is wonderful but also makes me go Yikes! December moves much too quickly.