Thursday, December 03, 2009


I'm all tired out from having too much fun again... Anna and I returned late last night from Houston, where we traveled for my sister Steph's annual Ladies Christmas Tea.  It is a giddy excuse to get all dressed up and celebrate the season with the girls.   Anna adores it, and this was my niece Paige's first year to attend.  Emily flew in for 24 hours from NYC.  I just wish Stephanie could dress me, and do my hair and make up for all my events.

As we drove down in the rain on Tuesday, and I turned on the President's speech.  I told Anna, "President Obama is giving this speech at West Point, where (my cousin) Robert goes to school.  He's actually there, seeing and hearing him live."

Anna said, "Oh, wow!  I wish he would come speak at T. Elementary (her school).  Wouldn't that be grand?"


Emily said...

The tea was grand! And that would be awesome if the President came to Anna's school. :-)

I watched the speech on TV and paused it every time they showed the cadets to see if I could spot Rob. But I didn't see him.

Anonymous said...

Ha, Ha, Anna, very good!

We did have fun at the High Tea, didn't we? And Jenn you looked great - you need to post a picture, maybe Emily has one??
Love, M/Nana