Saturday, December 19, 2009

Everybody loves tacos!

Every year we are lucky enough to be invited to a great White Elephant family party.  This was my contribution, and I thought it was perfect:  a bulky set of festively decorated taco accoutrement.  Like who really needs a taco holder?  That only holds 4 tacos?  AND comes with a tortilla warmer.  This is what makes it the perfect white elephant gift.

I did not count on the fact that Colin had been surreptitiously admiring my unwrapped gift on the dining room table.  When his number was called, he STOLE this present from another guest!  He asked me to help him hide it so that no one would steal it from him.  Never fear, no one did.  So I got to take my bulky, festive gift home.

This morning I told Colin, "You know, if we don't use that Taco Set, we can return it, and you can get a gift card to buy whatever you want..."  Luckily for me, he was totally sold on this idea.  He loves gift cards, and got himself a new Bakugon and a notebook.

So much easier to find room for that than the fiesta set!


sarah doow said...

When I was about ten I held a charity bring and buy sale at my primary school. I persuaded Mum (an Avon lady at the time) to donate the bronzer I'd always wanted and then bought it back for about 10p at school before anyone else could get their hands on it.

peevish said...

Colin cracks me UP!

I was sad to miss the party. And the cocktails. But mostly the camaraderie. Which I just looked up so I could spell it correctly. Who knew that word had so many "a"s?

Vetmommy said...

Sarah - 10p? You were a bargain hunter!

Lisa - we missed your camraderie, too. I would've forgotten that 2nd A if you didn't look it up. Toni and I reminisced about salads at your house and arugula that you dissed last time you were at Sinda's.

EdamameMommy said...

Too funny. I love how the box has a quote caption box coming from these oh-so-mexican accoutrements that says "Bon Appetit" eh, amigo, that's disfuta where we come from, save your french for Everybody Loves Crepes!

mainlyclearskies said...

That is funny! I love that he was sold on the gift card idea.