Wednesday, December 10, 2008

When it's cold in Texas

you break out all your winter gear!

Last night we were treated to some sleet, and the kids were thrilled to see it this morning. Anna said, "Colin, maybe if we both pile it all together, we can make a snowman." Poor baby. Hopefully we'll see real snow when we go to Colorado in February.

Here, Anna and Colin point out the accumulated frozen precipitate, in case you missed it.

We also caught a big opossum last night right before the cold front blew in. Anthony moved him into the shed, gave him a few dog food kibbles, and covered him with a towel when the sleet started. I drove him to the lake at midday to let him go. I intended to jog afterwards, but with the wind it was way too cold. So I sat in the car and watched the poor possum wander around for about 15 minutes while I listened to my "This American Life" podcast and Francesca whined. While I didn't feel sorry for him last month when I was beating his bottom with a bamboo stick for hurting my hen, I did feel sorry for him today. Eventually he did find a low laying area with brush and seemed to settle down. This is actually the third possum we've gotten. There was also a cat and a squirrel (oops).


peevish said...

How funny! Sinda calls it "snow".

Congrats on the opossum. Also, we can't wait to see you guys in February.

mainlyclearskies said...

Come to Michigan. We got about 6 inches total over Mon/Tues/Wed. That was on top of the little bit we already had.

Emily said...

Glad the kids were excited, but it does look pretty meager!