Monday, December 29, 2008

Overly full

Sorry for the infrequent posting here, which seems to be afflicting all my favorite blogs much like a virus making the holiday rounds. Of course, it is that most wonderful time of year, when we have so much to do, so many obligations to fill, and the kids are out of school.

Also, it's about this time of the holiday week when I start to feel that malaise - after all the happy anticipation of the Christmas programs, parties, visits from relatives that I truly enjoy having around, happily planning and preparing the feasts of the day, suddenly I am faced with a mountain of new toys and clothes that need to find places to live, packing material to sort and recycle, and all these decorations that I love to pack away. It's like crashing down from a Christmas sugar high. Meh.

I do have one more celebration to look forward to: New Year's Eve. We'll be making a beef tenderloin with more tasty sides, and I think there will be another batch of shortbread tarts with lemon curd.

Also, my Italian friend wrote to me today and told me about the Christmas dinner she made for her extended family: "Panettone gastronomico with fish, insalata russa all made at home, terrina di pollo, fish ravioli hand made at home, fried fish (fritto misto), mix of vongole, cozze, fasolari, tartufi di mare, cowliflour with capperi, anchiovies, peppers salad and finally a nice decorated panettone with mascarpone cream!" Wow! I know the Italiani traditionally eat fish at Natale, wonder if I could convince Anthony? (not a chance! I'm lucky he graciously tries my lamb)


Boilerdad said...

I'd eat some FRESH Mahi Mahi, Halibut, or other mild fish!

mainlyclearskies said...

Mmm - fish ravioli sounds great! My husband is allergic to fish, so we don't have it at home. I get to indulge a bit when we go out.

peevish said...

That menu sounds incredible. And your lamb is ALWAYS wonderful.

ColeBugsmommy said...

Thanks again for the invite the other night. We had a good time. We played "six" with my family last night!

Library Lady said...

My friend the ballet teacher is Italian and does the multi-course Christmas Eve fish dinner for her family.
It astounds me that she does all that. Your feast looks equally scrumptious. I never get to cook for Christmas, but since it means we're with family we love, it's something I'm glad to do.