Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Too busy to blog

I haven't even sat at my computer since Monday night. Tuesday was a marathon - busy work day with just 2 doctors and a in-house seminar, then rush home to Open House at the school, brief stop at our neighborhood National Night Out. Then it was a late dinner watching the debate; I fell asleep on the couch as soon as the analysis started.

Above, Colin shows me with a magnifying glass a cool glycerin bubble thingy. Below, Anna shows me a puzzle in her classroom. Obviously, I met them there in my blue scrubs.

Anna's beautiful artwork. I am so glad that my children really love each other.

Today they had an early out, so we went shoe shopping, shopping at Central Market, feeding the ducks, playing on the playscape - beautiful, crisp, sunny, fall day!


get2eric said...

times. You all look good.
Nice artwork too.

Emily said...

Great pictures...Anth is the photographer?

Busy times!

peevish said...

Sorry things are/were so busy, but it is great to see these photos! And Anna's painting is beautiful, especially the sentiment.

Sinda said...

Hey, a cute house just got listed in our 'hood - only $250K -