Friday, October 31, 2008

Goodbye October!

Where did this month go? It was far too busy. Yesterday I drove to Texas A&M and spent the day with my dental mentor at the vet school.

I had not been to the vet school since I graduated 13 years ago. I got a little thrill pulling into town and seeing all the big familiar buildings. Inside the vet school so much was the same, for example the art and posters on the walls were exactly the same that were hanging when I was in school. Back then I hardly noticed them. Also, it smelled exactly the same. However, I think they moved every single department in the small animal clinic, and now have expanded with a big ICU. Also new: there is a small room totally dedicated to dentistry. This is a great improvement, since when I was in vet school, we had about two hours TOTAL in dentistry education, and there was no dentist on staff.

It was a very educational day for me. I got to see a root canal, a mandibular fracture repair, and this little ferret, who had fractured a tooth extracted:
He's getting a dental X-ray.

Some fun pictures from the clinic today:
A flying monkey, a la Wizard of Oz.

She's a turtle!

Uh, self-explanatory.


Emily said...

Did you get to see our cousin Bev while you were at A&M? I can't remember the last time I was there, but with Bev being there, I'm thinking about a visit.

Cute and funny pictures! (Except for the ferret...very educational, of course.)

Happy Halloween, big sis!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a whirl wind you have been on this month - Florida, NYC, Houston, CS and not to mention your job and school visits!!! Ah for the staminae of the young....Love you, M

Anonymous said...

What happy pictures,Jenn..your life sounds very interesting indeed.
Aunty Norma.x