Monday, October 27, 2008

Photos for You

For Lisa, my Farmers' Market haul:
OK, the pumpkins were previously purchased and are there just for decoration. There is a small watermelon, that Colin picked out but was a total DUD, completely unripe. The ugly pears, just 75 cents each, are delicious, and there were 5 but Colin totally consumed on while we walked, leaving only a small marble-sized core which contained the seeds. The fresh green beans were steamed and tossed with leftover pomodoro sauce, and eaten with a yummy risotto ai fungi made from just one of those huge portobellos. The yellow tomatoes tasted better than the red. Not pictured: Berkshire pork, used to make potstickers (see the food blog).

For Melissa, my new purse:

It is beautiful and I love it. I just wish it was a smidgen bigger.

And now, some early Halloween pictures!
Anna is the Lilac Fairy (from Sleeping Beauty -she's the one who changed the curse from Aurora dying at the needle prick to sleeping until a prince kissed her). Repurposed ballet costume with perfectly matching $6 fairy wings.

And Colin as Peter Pan. He is as thrilled with his homemade costume as I am. Is Peter's sword supposed to be a Light Saber? Oh well!


Emily said...

The costumes look terrific!

get2eric said...

I can see Colin has a natural acting ability.
Anna is an old hand on the boards.

Anonymous said...

All delicious looking pics,Jennifer.
I am about to go for my evening meal so can you imagine how those green beans and tomatoes look to someone like me who LOVES vegetables? ..HUNGRY! Anna looks delicious too :o) and Colin looks like the real, and did you really make the costumes?
Aunty Norma.xx

mainlyclearskies said...

I love the bag! And the costumes are fabulous! Wow!